The only university training in footwear from a public university

The Master in Permanent Training in Design, New Technologies and Innovation Management arises from the demand by companies in the footwear sector for specialized professional profiles with technological skills.

This is how the University of Alicante and INESCOP create the first university training in footwear at a public university.

This is a training, mostly practical, which is structured in 60 credits:

- University expert course (20 credits)
- Specialist course (30 credits)
- Master's thesis (10 credits)

Master's degrees

Expert in New Technologies and Quality Control applicable to the Footwear Sector
20 credits

Enrollment: €1,719.20
Pre-registration: 03-06-2023 to 09-10-2023
Registration: 07-15-2023 to 09-18-2023
Course: 09-10-2023 to 01-12-2024

See Subjects
  • Introduction to traditional pattern making
  • Creation of climbs and digital pieces in two dimensions
  • Digital scaling of models
  • Cutting of pieces of footwear, scandals and technical sheets
  • Footwear technology, types of manufacturing and construction
  • Quality control in the production process
  • Quality control in finished footwear
  • ISO 9001 in footwear companies
  • Raw materials in the manufacture of footwear
  • Foot, last and footwear
  • Innovation in footwear: Sustainability and comfort
  • Robotics in footwear

Specialist in design and innovation management applicable to the footwear sector
30 credits

Enrollment: €2,578.88
Pre-registration: 03-06-2023 to 01-10-2024
Registration: 01-08-2024 to 02-19-2024
Course: 02-23-2024 to 06-21-2024
See Subjects
  • Coolhunting: trend research
  • Moodboard applicable to footwear design.
  • Artistic footwear design: Sketching.
  • Influencers vs prescribers in the footwear sector.
  • Protecting new trends.
  • Digital last and last surfaces for shoe design and pattern making.
  • Virtual pieces of shoe models.
  • Accessories and virtual components of footwear components.
  • Virtual shoe models: rendering.
  • Footwear production monitoring for designers.
  • Technology transfer contracts applicable to the marketing of footwear (e-commerce).
  • Industry 4.0.
  • Innovation in footwear design.
  • Internationalization processes in the field of footwear.
  • Offline and online marketing applied to the footwear sector.
  • Digital business models: market research (Design Thinking).
  • Strategic plan for footwear companies.
  • Human resources in the footwear sector.
  • Optimal design for 3D printers.

Master's Thesis
10 credits

Enrollment: €859.63

Once you have passed the Expert Title and the Specialist Title, you will be able to carry out the Final Master's Project (TFM). This will be tutored by the teaching staff of INESCOP or by the teaching staff of the University of Alicante. In the TFM, you demonstrate and apply the knowledge acquired during your training.

Due date: to be determined during the school year.

Master's Degree in Design, new technologies and innovation management in the footwear sector
60 credits

Enrollment: €4,485
Pre-registration: 03-06-2023 to 09-10-2023
Registration: 07-15-2023 to 09-18-2023
Course: 09-22-2023 to 06-21-2024

Classes will be held on Friday and Saturday.

Who is the Master for?

It is aimed at providing specialized training, eminently practical and with the purpose of advancing and improving the professional practice of:

- Professional graduates from the footwear industry (industrial designers, graphic designers...).
- Professionals with university degrees from other sectorial fields that require an immersion in the current footwear industry (graduates in Business Administration, Chemistry, Fine Arts, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Architecture,...).
- University graduates in scientific and technological areas.
- Professionals with university degrees in design and artistic creation.

What are the access conditions?

- Be in possession of an official university degree.
- They will also be able to access those who still have to pass the TFG (end-of-degree project) and a maximum of 9 ECTS credits to obtain the bachelor's degree.

Limited places. Admission to the Master's degree will be made in strict order of reservations.




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